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Mother Mary's Promise



On the first of May 2019 at the Wells, we received a message from Mother Mary. It was about people with pure, immaculate hearts who would help bring back the Light to the world. For the key to the spiritual realm is always an immaculate heart. It was about brides of Christ, people who believe and trust 100% in Jesus Christ, the Light inside of themselves, and live in Grace, Unconditional Love, Peace and Patience.


Mother Mary said: “If this Well is dedicated in my name, and in the name of Christ, which is Grace, which is Unconditional Love, which is Peace and Patience, then I will come to this Well”. And not only to this Well, she will appear at many natural wells worldwide. As long as in the surroundings of the wells there are several women who are brides of Christ with an immaculate heart, or women who are doing their utmost to become like that, Mother Mary will come.  

Blessing the Wells that lay on the Rose Line which runs through Rosslyn Chapel and Notre Dame. Blessing Scotland, England, France and all other wells and countries who will dedicate their wells to Christ and Mother Mary. Enlightening the Rose Line will ease the transition from the earthly realm to the spiritual realm or consciousness of Shamballa, The New Jerusalem, Nirvana. In the end the Rose Line will be restored in connection with the waterlines and leylines all over the world, uniting and enlightening all people and the whole world as one.


In the coming time Mother Mary will inspire lots of people worldwide, not only women but also men, and her immaculate heart will be the example for a pure life. A pure life that can enlighten not only water but everything that is in a state of deterioration. And in this time, the 21st century, we need a lot of Light.



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