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Where there is Light, there can be no darkness



We live in unprecedented times. There is a storm of panic and fear raging around us and many people are distressed. The world we know is collapsing and many don’t know what is going on. They think it is about a corona virus but it is much more profound than that. We are living in the End Times now, the first seal of the Book of Revelations was opened on the first of January 2020.

It is important to keep out of the storm, for when you step partly or completely into the storm, it will consume you. Stay with both feet in peace and quiet, in 100% faith and trust that Christ will return to liberate you, to redeem you, to be there when you need him. When you keep the faith it will be so, but when you step out of that faith and trust into the storm, you will reap the storm.

When you carry yourself over in 100% faith and trust to Jesus Christ, the Light inside of you, you will live in His Grace and will receive what you need for your spiritual rebirth. Spirit is the true Light, Life and Love, which is also called Christ. Rebirth in Spirit means going Home. Home to Unity, to Christ, which was there before creation, was there during creation, and will be there when heaven and earth pass. Christ or Spirit was not created by God but was already there before there was God, and will always be there after the divine game of creation is over. Spirit is the only thing that lives, that is Life, Love and Light.

The old world will disappear, it is disintegrating incredibly quickly and will never come back. Life will continue because Life, Spirit is eternal, but everything that is not of Spirit will disappear. And that will go gradually and gently if you keep the faith. If you don’t have faith it will be like a shock wave, that is the storm. We are at the outskirts of the storm right now (1st April 2020), just touching it and we see a bit of a ripple, but the big storm is coming.

It won’t touch you if you keep the faith. For us believers it is about going Home, but for people who don’t have faith it will be very distressing. For us it will be rebirth, for others it will be the 3rd fall of consciousness - after the first fall into the prison of time (the soul) and the second fall into the prison of space (matter), also known as heaven and earth or creation. Going back Home means stepping out of this prison of time and space, out of creation, and going back to Spirit. It is the end of space and the end of time. Then you are truly free. Only Jesus Christ points and has shown us the way out of the creation of God.

So keep the faith and trust in Christ and He will protect you and look after you and your loved ones. Choose Christ 100%. You choose by your behaviour. The more you behave like Him, being Gracious, Unconditionally Loving, Peaceful and Patient in all circumstances and situations, the brighter your Light will shine to protect the people around you.

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