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Using Blessed Mother Mary Water



The following intake is more than enough:


Put one drop of Blessed Mother Mary Water in a glass of mineral or tap water, 1 to 3 times a day, and drink it 10 minutes before a meal. Alternatively, put a drop under your tongue, 1 to 3 times a day at least 10 minutes before a meal.


This will help your well-being and purify your body and soul. The water will work better when you behave as a Graceful, Unconditionally Loving, Peaceful and Patient human being and when you restore your belief and trust in Christ, the Great Light inside of you, more and more. You practice this behaviour by being of loving service to others, for example to start with acts of kindness towards your fellow man.


It is important to abstain from coffee, alcohol, drugs and the like as they delay the healing and rejuvenation process considerably.


'The Blessed Mother Mary Water helps me to be more calm, relaxed and peaceful in everyday life. The first few weeks I've experienced an intense but gentle purification of my body and soul. My muscles are less tensed and it cleared some deep distracting thought patterns and emotions. I'm amazed and very grateful that only a few drops a day have this beautiful healing and liberating effect! My plants love it too; the flowers bloom way longer than normal!'

- Romy -

'The first thing I noticed using three drops of Blessed Mother Mary Water a day, was the dehydration effect, it felt like a cleansing proces.

It was also remarkable that I woke up less often during the night, slept more tightly and felt more energetic when I got up in the morning.

I am more balanced, feel stronger, am more trusting and calmer. It also is a lot quieter in my head, so relaxed! I feel beter about myself, I’m happier!'

- Vivian -

'Right from the start it was as if the noise that was always in the foreground faded more into the background. In the hectic time (merger) at my work it was difficult to return to the silence within myself. Gradually that got better. I experience more silence and peace in myself and function more based on clarity and relaxation. Releasing the workday in the evening is also smoother.

A burn on my hand healed in a short time, also a deformation of the epidermis on my forehead has turned into smooth skin again.

Recently I was treated twice for periodontitis. After carrying it over to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, I had a completely relaxed treatment. I was noticeably carried during the treatment.

At the end of each treatment, the dental hygienist touched the gums above each tooth with a cotton ball dipped in Blessed Mother Mary Water. No more after-pain and no more bleeding of the gums. The gums are healing well.'


'After starting 3-times a day a drop of Blessed Mother Mary water I experienced a deep inner peace and silence inside my body. Less thoughts and emotions and a total clearance of my body & skin within a month. My intestines were less cramped and became quit after 2 months.

When I burnt my skin because some hot soup came over my fingers, I put some drops of this water over these fingers. The heat disappeared right away and when I asked Mother Mary to help the healing process all the pain was gone and my burnt fingers were healed.'

- Carola -

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