The Road to Freedom i.e. Redemption




The Enlightening process or Redemption process starts with Peace and Quiet for only from the silence the Truth can arise. The more relaxed, peaceful and quiet you are, the more the Light, Source, Spirit, the Truth, Christ can flow freely through you and provide you with what your soul needs. When it is quiet inside of you, you can hear the soft voice of Christ in you, which is your conscience, better.


From there the flower of Faith can grow. As long as you keep doubting if you are doing it right or not, you cannot Shine. When you carry yourself over in 100% Faith and Trust to Christ you live in His Grace and are protected by Him. Christ will never judge you, for Him there is no right and wrong. When you Behave As Christ – Graceful, Unconditionally Loving, Peaceful and Patient – in all situations and circumstances, you are Spiritually Reborn i.e. Home. If you cannot do this yet and sometimes slip and fall by behaving out of jealousy, pride, betrayal, lust, desire etc. Christ is there to catch you and bring you back to the path that leads to Him. The Grace of Christ washes you clean again every second of the day, so you do not need to feel guilty, or sad, or angry etc. as you can carry this all over to Him to be relieved of your burdens. So Keep the Faith, relax and do not doubt the Christ inside of you.

When your Trust in Christ grows - and this shows in your Behaviour, being ever more Graceful, Unconditionally Loving, Peaceful and Patient in all circumstances an situations - the Light, Christ, Shines more and more through you unhindered and undisturbed by the ‘I’, the ego, the dragon in you, into the world and the creation of god for the Redemption of all. You will experience smaller and bigger miracles to help you grow in Trust and Faith in Christ inside of you.


Eventually your Faith and Trust in Christ will Be 100%. You are then a Shining One who is still in the world and creation, but no longer of the world or creation, Shining your Light in Freedom and Lightness. You are no longer here for yourself - to please the ‘I’, ego, dragon - but to be of Loving Service for the people and other creatures that are still trapped in the prison of space (body, earth) and time (soul, heaven) i.e. the creation of god. Then you are only here to show and point them The Way Home, to Spirit, to Christ who IS Grace, Unconditional Love, Peace and Patience.

Welcome Home.