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Peace and Quiet



Nowadays most people lead - or maybe we should say suffer - a busy life. The busyness starts inside of a human being and, because our inner world is projected in our outer world, we experience busyness outwardly too. All those thoughts and feelings and emotions inside us, which are misleading and contradictive, lead to an internal battle. One minute we feel happy and then something happens and we feel sad.  We think and feel lovingly towards our partner (or mother or friend etc.) and then he/she does something against our will and we think and feel negative feelings and thoughts about them.

In addition, we want and are searching for answers, for love, for happiness, for health etc. as we don’t feel fulfilled in our lives. All these thoughts, feelings and emotions distract us from our core being, from what we really are and pull us into the storm of the world. And all this searching and wanting makes us feel tense, confused and contracted. When we are in peace and quiet we can relax and open up. Open up to the Light (Being), Source, Essence, the Holy Spirit or the Christ inside of us. 


You are 100% Light, but do you believe and act on that already? You can stop searching and instead receive what you need as everything you need is already inside of you. It will be given to you when you tune in to the Light inside. But when you are tense, busy and searching, it cannot come through, you cannot receive it, the life flow is blocked.

The more relaxed, peaceful and quiet you are, the more the Light, Source, Spirit, Christ can flow freely through you and provide you with what your soul needs. The Blessed Mother Mary Water can help you to become more peaceful and quiet. The people around you will feel this and will be touched by it, so that they in their turn can spread that peace and quiet wherever they go.

Peace and quiet is the start of the enlightening process.

The following map shows the locations where members of our Light Team put a drop of Blessed Mother Mary Water into the water at the site. This can be a river, a canal, a stream, a source, a lake etc. In this way the peace and quiet is brought to all the places the water flows through and past.




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