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Grace, Unconditional Love, Peace and Patience



About 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ showed us how to walk the way Home. The way back to Unity, to Spirit, to the Great Light, to the Christ Consciousness. It was and is all about behaviour. How do you act towards people, animals and everything else around you? And how does this influence your happiness and health? Where can you find Home, where you are Grace, Unconditional Love, Peace and Patience?

To shed some Light on these questions and for an opportunity to experience the Christ energy, a picture book for people from 0-100 years old was written and drawn. It's about Peter, already waving at you here, helping his friend who is lost and unhappy to find his way Home. At the end of the book is the view from Spirit on the story, giving deeper insight and meaning to what is happening. You can read and see more about it here.

1 dit is Peter-peterendevis-MIDDEL.jpg
drie vriendjes uit het prentenboek Peter
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