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At present there are three Light projects in the Light family under the guidance of Mother Mary. There is the Mother Mary Light Mission where Mother Mary chapels and churches are visited, to cleanse them from darkness and bring back the Light of Christ.

There is also the Blessed Mother Mary Water with which we travelled Europe and now also the USA to enlighten everything and everyone with it. The larger and the smaller rivers, the springs, the streams, and also the people. A drop a day is enough to bring a human being back to Light and Love and to calm the soul.


And then there is the Mother Mary Light Ensemble consisting of faithful, obedient and wise brides of Christ. A female and male choir that sing as one, many songs composed by Christ. Would you like to experience listening to the voices and music of the Mother Mary Light Ensemble yourself, and get to know more about it? You can visit their website here 





 The Mother Mary Light Mission is only concerned with Spirit; to radiate the Great Grace Light Field and keep it stable. With the Blessed Mother Mary Water the word water says it all, that's the soul, heaven. Access to heaven. It removes the boundary between Spirit and heaven. So when the Mother Mary Light Mission - Spirit - and the Blessed Mother Mary Water - the soul - are brought together and merge as one, the soul transcends into Spirit and dissolves.


Subsequently the Mother Mary Light Ensemble is sound, and that is the origin of matter. When the Mother Mary Light Mission, the Blessed Mother Mary Water and the Mother Mary Light Ensemble touch each other again as one, matter is spiritualised, transfigured. And the soul is transfigured. Then there will no longer be Spirit, soul and matter, but only Spirit. The Holy Spirit or Christ.

It is the Light, Christ - with the water and sound as conduits - shining through your body and soul, healing and enlightening it, thus purifying it of darkness. When you also behave in a Graceful, Unconditionally Loving, Peaceful and Patient way, and are of loving service to others, your body and soul become Lighter and Lighter until you transcend the prison of space and time - earth and heaven - into the Light. In other words, you come Home in Spirit, in Christ and are redeemed.

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